Blocklogy an educational mobile application developed by KMPARDS to educate students of all age groups on the subject of blockchain. The app will have diverse topics related to various Blockchains and their applications, and will be upgraded time to time.

Blocklogy Raspberry Pi

Distribution, enhanced encryption and tracing features - all these items allow blockchain to apply Internet Of Things (IOT) for automated transactions between “things”. Currently there are two methods to apply blockchain to IOT. The first is based on the existing platforms (Ethereum and Hyperledger) and the second is self developed blockchain.

Blocklogy Tab

KMPARDS has specially crafted eLearning tablets with students in mind. These tablets are lightweight, easy to use, loaded with Blocklogy, a decent battery life and an affordable price tag. But what takes center stage is the e-learning App Blocklogy - the most useful and handy feature for students who want to learn Blockchain and front-line technologies.

Smart Wallet

A smart wallet that supports multiple digital assets and is highly secured with solid and secure payment network. The transactions are super fast and also allows users to exchange a few selected assets within the wallet so that any user can save the extra transaction charges to move tokens to and from exchanges.

Power Exchange

A smart exchange which offers solution to users to keep a track of rates at different exchanges across the globe at one place . Leverages AI technology to deploy bots that provide best deals to users. The deals are shown from various exchanges across the world even if users are not registered on these exchanges without storing the assets of any user.

Blockchain based P2P decentralized marketplace

A time trading social community platform which is globally decentralized P2P Marketplace for Buyers and sellers of Time as Services. Here service providers and service seekers extend and avail services from each other on the basis of per unit time cost quoted by the person offering the service.

Social Community Platform

A Blockchain based social networking platform that promotes and facilitates interaction between friends, family, and colleagues where everyone can earn rewards. The goal is to connect people to their stories, posts, videos or photos get them rewarded for publishing their own article, write-ups, photos, videos, etc. and also for likes,comments and Follow on the platform.

Blockchain based Smart Contracts

Multiple Smart Contracts to serve multiple purposes of the blockchain based ecosystem. Rewards the users with the predefined Smart Contract to serve the task. Playing vital roles to increase the values of the Ecosystem along with interlinked SubApps.

Retail Outlets platform for Smart Transactions

An IOU based retail outlets to execute smart digital asset transactions at various em-paneled outlets across the globe. The overall ecosystem empowers the acceptance of digital assets by simplifying the transactions at various retail and online stores with ease along with customized deals and offers.

P2P Exchange

A holistic solution for successful peer to peer exchange through blockchain based application on a global scale. A global payment network which is able to exchange digital assets of any value or volume in to fiat over the internet.

Blockchain based Farming Platform

A farming platform based on blockchain for the growers and farmers around the world offering multiple solutions to farming community.

Blockchain based online dating platform

A dating platform which is blockchain based with all front-line features of the next gen dating platform aimed at the youth of any geography. Blockchain technology will be implemented in matchmaking application with the aim to help singles address one of the biggest problems in online dating transparency. However, the blockchain based online dating platform offers a solution to this problem.

Blockchain based Prediction platform

A prediction platform which is blockchain based and created precisely to pick the brains of many people together to gauge the actual sentiments so that the actual outcome of any specific event can be predicted. Blockchain-based platform for making predictions where one can harness the power of many through blockchain and hence make near perfect predictions in areas such as sports, financial markets, technology, elections, etc.

Blockchain based Insurance platform

A decentralized insurance application significantly based on blockchain, for insurance industry developed with base of predefined smart contract-based application for Insurance sector. The policy issued will be based on efficient underwriting norms of smart contract removing middleman and physical processes. AI-based Efficient Risk management, no dilution on mortality. Application will create provision for users to get their premium adjustment from the payouts, Rewards & Power.

Blockchain based Decentralized Lending & Borrowing platform

An application for decentralized peer-to-peer lending and borrowing and propel it with users. Due to blockchain based predefined smart contracts, trust and access to funds become much less of a problem which lets anyone leverage their digital assets. Lenders are matched automatically with borrowers via bots on the lending and borrowing application.

Users can lend and borrow digital assets. A user can place a lending order with interest rate, months, asset type and amount. Similarly borrower can place a borrowing order. Collateral will be 2 times of borrowing amount.

A user can also fulfill a lending or borrowing order manually. If the user fails to pay the loan amount then loan amount + the interest rate will be deducted from the collateral and the rest will be refunded to the borrower.